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10/02/14 - Affiliate Marketing: Two "Techie" Skills It Helps to Have Technical skills are not a prerequisite for affiliate marketing success. Thanks to years of tireless development work done by techies all over the world, it is now possible for a technically retarded individual......More...

09/10/14 - Affiliate Marketing: Attitude Is Everything You can work day and night with a smile on your face and make no money through affiliate marketing, provided you choose the wrong topic and then work with the wrong affiliate partners. Nevertheless......More...

08/20/14 - Affiliate Marketing: Spreadsheets Rule
If you're in the affiliate marketing business, you need to know how to create and manage spreadsheets. What particular spreadsheet program you're using--Microsoft Excel is the most popular but there are others--doesn't ......More...

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Two "Techie" Skills It Helps to Have






Tips for use on Affiliate Programs


10/08/14 - 5 Reasons Why 95 Percent of Bloggers Make Zero Dollars from Affiliate Marketing As anyone who's ever done it knows, blogging is damn hard work. Even if you love your topic to death, blogging non-stop about your topic can kill that love in pretty ......More...

09/17/14 - Affiliate Marketing Outsourcing: Yes, But Many successful affiliate marketers hold down a full-time job in addition to their affiliate marketing activities. Some have a spouse, kids, maybe even an offline hobby. Where do these dynamic people find the time?......More...

08/27/14 - How to Work With Affiliate Program Managers Affiliate marketing is all about communicating. Not only with visitors to your website, but also with affiliate program managers that can help you succeed--or cause you to fail......More...

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Threats That Cannot Be Ignored
Advanced Affiliate Marketing
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Advanced Affiliate Marketing Techniques


09/24/14 - Affiliate Marketing: Diversify or (Potentially) Die
In affiliate marketing, as in life, it is extremely exciting to find a partner that you can count on. But unlike in life, there is no such thing as marriage in affiliate marketing. No affiliate partner will or can or should promise to stay .....More

09/04/14 - PPV Advertising: Bidding on Domains
We've previously written about pay-per-view (PPV) advertising and how it is an excellent opportunity for affiliate marketers to get exposure without breaking the bank. PPV ads are much cheaper than pay-per-click (PPC) ads,.....More

08/13/14 - PPV Advertising: Bidding on Domains
We've previously written about pay-per-view (PPV) advertising and how it is an excellent opportunity for affiliate marketers to get exposure without breaking the bank. PPV ads are much cheaper than pay-per-click (PPC) ads,.....More

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