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How to Work With Affiliate Program Managers

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Affiliate marketing is all about communicating. Not only with visitors to your website, but also with affiliate program managers that can help you succeed--or cause you to fail.

In fact, dealing effectively with affiliate program managers may be the most important "little thing" that separates excellent affiliates from average affiliates. Here are a few tips on how to work with affiliate program managers, and have them work for you:

Play Within "Win-Win"

Of all Internet age terms, "win-win" may be the most powerful. The concept is especially pertinent to affiliate marketing, a business where you only win when someone else wins.

Right from the get-go, when dealing with affiliate program managers, stress the win-win aspect of the relationship you're hoping to create. This may mean mentioning a goal on their side that you hope to help them achieve; for example, hitting $10 million in annual sales. Meanwhile, mention your goals. Help the affiliate manager see what winning looks like from your side.

Get into the habit of enhancing win-win language before clicking "send" on any email to an affiliate program manager.

Be Direct

As affiliate marketing continues to grow in popularity, more and more clueless tools are contacting affiliate program managers looking for someone to hold their hand. Please don't be one of these sad souls.

When dealing with affiliate managers, get to the point quickly. Have respect for the person's time. Communicate with purpose. Displaying professionalism will instantly make you stand out in the affiliate manager's mind.

By making your questions and requests count, you can assure yourself of quality service when you really need it.

No Need to Apologize for Being a New Affiliate

Dealing with affiliates is an affiliate program manager's job. A big part of this job is to work with new affiliates. They are getting paid to do this.

If you are a new affiliate, then, don't be afraid to say so and request help. Many affiliate program managers have been affiliates themselves, and have extensive wisdom to share. Not to mention that getting you up to speed could mean a lot of cash for them down the road.

Speak Numbers

Affiliate program managers, like the best affiliates, respond to numbers. When making a suggestion about how a particular affiliate program might be improved, gather some facts and figures, rather than having an opinion.

"The new landing page is converting at five percent, whereas the old landing page converted at seven percent," for example, is likely to have more impact than, "The new landing page is ugly."

Become a Super Affiliate, Then Play a Little Hardball

Far too many affiliates make the mistake of thinking that an affiliate program manager is someone that must be pleased and flattered. This is not so. Worked with, definitely, but every workplace can benefit from some well-placed conflict, right?

Right. Once you've demonstrated a history of affiliate marketing performance, contact your affiliate program manager and ask for an increase in your commission.

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