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Affiliate Marketing Makes My Life Easy and Fun

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To say to beware of the get-rich-quick schemers who will sell you some garbage for several hundred dollars per year, or better yet per month, is so obvious as to demand no mention.

However, you can win yourself a story called "Affiliate Marketing Makes My Life Easy and Fun." Have a sick house, drive a new car, nurture a family…and travel?

This lifestyle can be yours if you play your affiliate marketing hand right.

But in order to do that, you must first envision what kind of life you want, and what kind of affiliate marketing venture best suits your need to reach that vivid, compelling goal.

Originally, Life Not as Easy As Now

Once in a while you'll meet someone in life who makes rational decisions on a daily basis. The rest of the human race acts out fairly primal urges, albeit within the thorny confines of an intricate system.

Rational decision-makers make great affiliate marketers because they track stuff relentlessly, they're by nature skeptical, and they go for the jugular once they see that profit is happening.

Paradoxically, rational decision-makers may not be attracted to affiliate marketing at first glance. Affiliate marketing may seem one of those "in your pajamas" jobs that never quite pans out. Affiliate marketing can seem like something that "other people do."

That's why it's essential that a rational decision-maker endure a solid period of non-optimum living. Perhaps working in a shitty job, perhaps living in a car, perhaps both at the same time.

Something to make you want, almost need to own an island.

Now Comes the Fun Part: Scheduling

Don't you hate it when you meet someone who has to "schedule their fun"?

Don't bother pitying that person because a full schedule often means a fat wallet. People who work more, live more, love more meet more people, go more places, have more fun, have more sex, eat better food, drink better wine (in moderation), and live in better weather…

Have a good chance of making more money than those who, uhm, don't.

It's about as scientific as it gets, not to mention it's primal within the human brain: people value time with a busy person more than they value time with an unoccupied simp. This difference in time-values equates directly to a vast difference in income levels.

For these reasons and more, consider how exactly your website business is going to satisfy your definition of island living. Look at Mark Cuban, he wanted to be in sports and media, so he bought the Dallas Mavericks. Other people happily retire to university life, or live abroad.

Matching your lifestyle wants to your affiliate marketing business requires skill, but can be done.

For example:

You love to travel.

Start up a Forex site, and capitalize on those travel adventures by knowing about real-life stuff that impacts currencies in a foreign country--the public, the press, the government.

Combine dreams and business concretely. Schedule your fun.

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