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Affiliate Marketing: The Writer's Salvation

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If you are or aspire to be a writer, you need to know about affiliate marketing. Why? Because the more you know about affiliate marketing, the more profitable your writing is likely to be.

The words "profitable" and "writing" have not, over the centuries, appeared in the same sentence overly much. Stereotypes of writers living in no-running-water basements, eating cold gruel for every meal, and dying broke and alone became stereotypes because they contained truth.

But now, affiliate marketing has utterly and completely changed the profit potential of a writing career--for those writers who are willing to learn the tricks of the trade.

Content Development: See the Big Picture

The first and foremost realization that you must achieve, if you want to profit from the connection between affiliate marketing and writing, is that comprehensive content development is the goal here, not "writing for writing's sake" (whatever that means).

Yes, it's great if your writing is precise, well-constructed, and beautiful, but the most important thing about writing for the Internet is to create websites that attract traffic. In order to do that reliably and consistently in today's competitive marketplace, you must have lots of content.

Develop the ability to write fast or else don't write for the Internet. Period.

In addition to the volume requirements of writing for the Net, you also must know how to organize or "silo" content. Plus you must have content that is sufficiently search engine optimized. Moreover, you must write about topics that have commercial potential.

You must, in other words, see the forest even as you're crafting each individual tree.

Option One: Writing for Other People and Then They Pay You

Thanks to affiliate marketing, getting a job (not like a real job, but a job in the sense of a project) writing Internet copy is relatively easy. Especially if you have some experience, your skills as a writer are more in demand than they've been in a long time. You can get paid to write.

You can stop eating Alpo for dinner. Consider the facts:

-- Many businesspeople cannot write or do not have time to write, but still want to try to make money through affiliate marketing.
-- Websites that are constantly updated and added to rank higher at the search engines.
-- "Article marketing" (Google it) is the hot new form of business marketing.

Option Two: Writing for Yourself and Then You Pay You

Writing for other people and then they pay you is great. But the real money to be made from combining affiliate marketing and writing comes from becoming self-employed. Writing for your own websites, that is, and then taking all the profits for yourself.

However, this route entails risks and challenges. If you are not good at writing sales copy, or you are not good at the technical side of building a website, or you are not good at selecting products to promote that people want to buy, your career as an affiliate marketer may be brutal and short.

Writers who want to own their own affiliate marketing business are well-advised to build a team, rather than trying to do everything solo (an attitude common to writers).

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