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Online Gaming Affiliate Marketing: Cons and Pros

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There are some businesses, throughout history, that have provided steady income in good times and bad. Grain and guns are two businesses that seem to be fairly recession-proof.

Another business that ranks in that most rare category of outstanding, durable profitability is gaming affiliate marketing.

When people play games, other people make money. When you are affiliate marketing on behalf of the online gaming industry, you merely connect those two groups.

And then take a cut of the house's income, in perpetuity.

Moral Issues with Gambling Affiliate Marketing

Is affiliate marketing for online casinos a dirty business?

It has elements of dirt to it. But many businesses do. One often finds that inherent in a business idea is a form of exploitation. Kind of similar to the notion that the Chairman of Pfizer, somewhere deep inside, gets happy when someone becomes ill, and needs a pill.

However, the gambling affiliate space has several positive qualities going for it that gambling at a real world casino cannot boast.

One is the fact that online gambling traditionally takes place through the use of credit cards, and pardon our French but F*&@ the credit card companies! They have risk management models that they must and will follow when they locate problem gamblers.

At a real world casino, by contrast, that patron becomes so accustomed to the place, the people, the smoking, the drinking, that they show up every day by force of habit, as well as the addiction, and then they put themselves into, as you say, uncomfortable credit arrangements.

The credit card companies will hopefully make more nuanced evaluations.

Gambling Online Is a Part of the American Dream

And there is the other side of online gambling: the good side.

You must admit, whether you're a truck driver or a minister or both, that the first time you ever figured out that you could go onto the Internet and place a bet on a game that you are just about to watch on a big screen TV, that one shining moment was possibly the most awesome moment you experienced that decade.

To be an arbiter of which gamers choose which houses is a privileged position that allows people entry into a world of excitement and intrigue (but it's an expensive habit).

Gaming Companies Can Afford to Pay High Commissions

Naturally, the most exhilarating and fulfilling aspect of affiliate marketing for any game-related online companies is that these companies pay you a lot of money to help them get customers.

The favorable math behind this boon to your pocketbook is due to the reality that whether you're talking about online blackjack or non-gambling gaming options such as Maple Story by Nexon, the customers that become customers stay customers, and play frequently.

These outfits may pay you 30, 40, 50 percent of their recurring charges to that customer. If you send these companies enough customers, soon enough you are making residual income that would make an insurance executive blush.

A million dollars per year in residual income is a strong base of operations.

These customers will buy products from these companies for years to come. But only if they get the customer to begin with--they mean, what's half of zero? Zero, right? Therefore, these companies would rather give you half and they get half, or else everybody gets zero.

That "get," that causing of that new customer to take action and pull out their credit card, is your job as a gaming affiliate, should you choose it.

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