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Dating Affiliate Marketing: The Land of Plenty

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It can be daunting to think about getting into the dating affiliate marketing space. The existing behemoths of the online dating world, such as and, can make you think that there's no room left for the little guy (or girl) to make money.

But before you write off dating affiliate marketing as too competitive or too complex (all those databases, yikes!), read this list of reasons why dating affiliate marketing is the land of plenty:

Niches Galore

Check out all these niches for online dating:

-- Christian dating
-- Jewish dating
-- Latino dating
-- Gay dating
-- Disabled dating
-- Vegetarian dating
-- Senior dating
-- BBW ("Big Black Woman") dating
-- Transsexual dating
-- AIDS/HIV dating
-- Sugar Daddy dating
-- Single parents dating
-- Fetish dating

These are just off the top of our head; the list could go on and on, there is virtually no end to the number of "niches within niches" that you can come up with. Everybody needs someone to "love" (however you define that word) and everybody looks online to find that special someone.
You might think that all these niches are adequately served. But they're not.
Templates and Tools

As recently as a few years ago, it would be unthinkable for a newbie affiliate to try to build a dating affiliate marketing website. But now, thanks to a growing number and variety of dating affiliate templates and tools, getting a decent site up and running is not that hard.

You may choose a so-called "white label" dating platform, which is called white label because it has no label until you put yours onto it. White label online dating companies can offer you compelling technology, marketing support, and even consulting to help grow your business.

All this at a quite manageable cost. What once cost $20,000 now costs $100 or is sometimes even free, depending on what white label provider you choose. Check out to get an idea of the new generation of white label dating solutions.

Trust us on this, there is some very interesting and plentiful technology happening here.

Recurring Commissions

Also consider that online dating provides considerable potential for recurring commissions as customers "re-up" their memberships monthly or yearly. The best dating affiliate programs are tremendously expert at causing those re-ups.

This dynamic means that rather than always seeking out your next meal, so to speak, you can reach a point of "critical mass" where you have a "book of business" that is paying you without you having to do much of anything to "earn" that money.

To continue with the gratuitous use of "quote marks," sitting back and collecting this brand of passive income is what we might call "awesome."

Good Karma
Last but not least, whenever you are talking about getting rich through affiliate marketing, you must realize that in order to build a valuable business, you have to give people a great product or service that truly improves their lives. With online dating, this is entirely possible.

You can build a site or refer people to a site where they can find someone to love, instead of being cooped up in their room feeling lonely and depressed. You can, that is, help people.

Granted if you are helping people to find married men to have affairs with, this may be a somewhat questionable definition of the word "help." But overall, by working in the online dating space you are helping people to develop relationships with other people. That's good karma. And it's yet another reason why dating affiliate marketing is the land of plenty where there's enough for everyone to get some, including you.

Make sure to read our reviews of the best dating affiliate programs to make a good choice about which dating affiliate marketing programs to join.

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