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What to Look for In a Web Content Writer

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Whether you call this creature an SEO article writer, an Internet copywriter, or some other less flattering name, this creature--the web content writer--is an important part of your ecosystem if you are interested in affiliate marketing.

Perhaps you are this creature yourself, or you are close to someone who is.

If not, you need to get one of these in your stable immediately if you are really serious about making money in online marketing.

A really good web content writer is, though, hard to find. It is rare to find an individual who has the dual ability to churn out vast amounts of written material, but likewise possesses enough skill and dedication to create, at least occasionally, stuff that's worth its weight in gold.

Here, then, is what you want to look for in a web content writer:

Top Ten Google Results

Quick now, what is the best result that you can have from hiring a web content writer?

The answer is easy: within one month of hiring a web content writer, you will want to see one or more pages that this person created showing up in a Google top ten results page for a search term that is relevant to your affiliate marketing business.

For example, this article might hope to show up for the search term "hire internet copywriter." That might not be the most profitable search term in the lexicon, but if you had a job website that listed contact information for web content writers, you'd be in business.

The most obvious and best way to verify that you are hiring a top notch Internet copywriter is to ask them to show you articles that have previously showed up in Google Top Ten.

If they come up empty or, worse yet, don't even know what you're talking about, you'll know that it's perhaps time to interview other candidates.

Refusal to Work for Piss Pay

The second thing to look for in a web content copywriter may seem counterintuitive. Namely, that such a person will refuse to work for garbage pay.
If someone is willing to create web content for a very low wage, you can well guarantee yourself that you will receive a product that correlates to its assigned value.

Think about it. There are a lot of people out there who want to make websites, right? Or write business plans? Or make brochures? Or develop autoresponder email chains? Or create web video episodes? Or maintain a blog? Or write up an agreement?

Writing-intensive procedures such as these are integral to all areas of business success, giving lie to the notion that English majors can't or shouldn't join the top ranks of business. Anyhow, this in-demand person is the type of person that you will be seeking to employ.

Would such a person, with such varied and solid opportunities, really want to work for someone who is paying them 4 cents per word to write slop about? No.
(On the other hand, such a person may be willing to edit and organize the content produced by low level copywriters who are being paid 4 cents per word.)

Web Copywriters Need Business Knowledge

Thirdly, you want your hired hand web copywriter to exhibit some sense of business acumen. You will never want to hire someone to write for your website who does not understand basic business principles like customer goodwill and commitment to quality.

These, then, are three criteria to keep in mind when hiring an SEO piece maker, an Internet article creator, or whatever you want to call this key player on your team.

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