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Affiliate Marketing Experts: Who Can You Trust?

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Affiliate marketing, like any business that makes people stunningly rich, attracts its fair share of experts who aren't really experts. Similar to what happens in real estate investing or screenwriting, most "affiliate marketing experts" make more money talking about affiliate marketing than actually doing it. And people say there's no money in teaching.

Some affiliate marketing experts, though, stand head-and-shoulders above the clamoring horde of tricksters trying to lure in rubes with promises of easy wealth. Here are three affiliate marketing experts who know what they're talking about and should be listened to:

Affiliate Marketing Expert #1: Rosalind Gardner

As the longtime proprietor of the wildly profitable dating website, Rosalind Gardner has been making money from affiliate marketing since the late 1990s. By our guesstimate, Ms. Gardner rakes in no less than $200,000 per year just from 101Date.

Besides beating the online dating niche like a rented mule, Gardner runs a website dedicated to teaching people about affiliate marketing, Initially started as a simple newsletter, NetProfitsToday has grown into a full-fledged affiliate marketing portal with loads of great articles and videos, all presented in Gardner's friendly, clear voice.

In addition, Gardner has written two insightful, important books about affiliate marketing: Make a Fortune Promoting Other People's Stuff Online, which is great for beginners, and the more robust Super Affiliate Handbook, which is advanced and priced accordingly, at $47.

Affiliate Marketing Expert #2: Ken Evoy

Ken Evoy is the founder of SiteBuildIt, an affiliate marketing-focused suite of tools that help webmasters build sites that get traffic and make money. People rave about SiteBuildIt and with good reason: SiteBuildIt webmasters are frequently in the top three percent of most-trafficked websites. Even people with no technical knowledge can work this proven system.

Luckily, you don't have to buy SiteBuildIt (cost: $299 per year) to benefit from the affiliate marketing knowledge of Ken Evoy. If you are looking for a superb book on affiliate marketing, look at the Affiliate Masters Course offered by Evoy. It's free and you can download it here.

Although you must always be aware that he's trying to sell you something, Evoy's theories on building free, targeted traffic rather than relying on pay-per-click ads are groundbreaking.

Affiliate Marketing Expert #3: Allan Gardyne

Sometimes called the "Grandfather of Affiliate Marketing," Allan Gardyne is an Aussie affiliate marketing pioneer who runs,,, and

Affiliate beginners should especially benefit from studying the basics under the tutelage of someone who's been making a living from affiliate marketing since 1998. Unlike so many other affiliate marketing experts, Gardyne's tips are backed up with real experience. For instance, when he names the top ten best affiliate programs, he has personally used them all.

Gardyne's is a competitor to Ace Affiliates, but that's no reason why we can't give the man his due as one of the top affiliate marketing experts out there.

Kudos to all three of these trustworthy teachers.

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