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Affiliate Marketing: How to Find a Mentor

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When you're first getting into affiliate marketing, or even when you've been in the business for a while but you want to do better, the idea may strike you to find a mentor. Someone who has had a boatload of success with affiliate marketing, and is willing to share "the secrets."

Finding a mentor is not easy, though. Nor is, if you do find an affiliate marketing mentor, making the most of the mentor experience. Many apprentices do not learn enough.

More than a few mentors, meanwhile, don't want their apprentices to succeed.

The Make Money Online Belief System

People who don't think they can make money online, it is safe to say, do not make money online, through affiliate marketing or any other method.

People who do think they can make money online do not achieve success all the time, either, but when they do find success, they pursue further success with vengeance and passion.

The excitement that arises from making your first, second, third, fourth, and fifth affiliate marketing sale can be considerable. Especially if you have a day job, the fact that you are both making money online and getting a real paycheck can be extremely, habitually satisfying.

A mentor can help you reach the breakthrough point sooner, with fewer mistakes.

Concrete Advice + Aligned Interests = Good Mentor

What should you look for in an affiliate marketing mentor?

First, you must look for concrete advice that is going to lead to income and profits. You cannot afford to be holed up in theory world with the penniless philosophers. Find a mentor who can evaluate your current website(s) and deliver actionable comments.

"Your copy needs a rewrite," for example, is not nearly as valuable as, "On your main sales page, play up the effect of the product on your customer's life, not just the product."

Secondly, you must locate a mentor whose interests are aligned with yours. The nature of business today is contained within the name of the activity: busy-ness. People who are worth learning from are not waiting around to teach you for a living. They are busy making money.

If your mentor can benefit from knowing you, that's good for your mentor and yourself.

Hire an Affiliate Marketing Mentor

One thing we've discussed here at Ace Affiliates is offering an individualized mentorship program to help people learn affiliate marketing. How to make the mentor-apprentice relationship work today, though, is a major challenge when everything is done online.

Spurred by demand, colleges have begun offering affiliate marketing courses and affiliate marketing certificates. Someday, colleges may provide fertile ground for mentor-hunting.

Paying for education can be a nice investment.

Or, Better Yet, Be Hired

Being paid for getting an education, however, is the best option of all.

If learning affiliate marketing while making money sounds good to you, consider building one of the technical skills needed for affiliate marketing, and being hired by an affiliate marketing company.

Copywriting, programming, and video production are three technical skills that are in demand, and may enable you to find a mentor who will pay you to learn affiliate marketing.

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