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Tedious Affiliate Marketing

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Let's face it, the life of an affiliate is not always a glamorous or enjoyable one. Frequently, site owners may need to invest hundreds of hours of drudgery to establish a decent monthly income of $3,000 to $5,000.

And that's a good site, that's doing that level. Drudgery, meanwhile, meaning coding HTML and CSS pages, learning how to adjust the HTML and CSS coding of others, researching and testing keyword advertising campaigns, writing content, generating video content, and so forth.

All that's not necessarily drudgery, but it certainly can be it at times.

All that being said, it is ultimately up to the affiliate marketer to keep their online business from falling victim to tedium. Indeed, the prospect of Death by Tedium is a challenge that every business owner must face, so you might as well be prepared.

Have Fun

Have you ever met a burned-out affiliate? It's not a pretty sight.

This person may be tired, irritable, broke, and alone. Maybe at one point they were making a lot of money through a particular method, or they were early risers for the best affiliate programs on the Net.

For reviews of affiliate programs, see the Ace Affiliates Reviews section.

How can you avoid becoming a burned-out affiliate? How can you keep the passion for this business strong and consistent?

The best way is have fun with your business. Think about it. Did you get into business for yourself to not have fun, to not enjoy being your own boss, to just be plain bored day to day?

No! You started up an affiliate marketing website so that you could have lifestyle and possibly financial freedom, so that you could do stuff that you think is cool. So do that, please.

You can have more fun in affiliate marketing by:

-- Making more money by partnering with better affiliate programs

-- Participate in online forums or go to affiliate marketing conferences

-- Doing a creative promotion for one of your affiliate partners

-- Learning a programming language

-- Include more calls to action in your sales copy

Having fun is contagious and has been known to cause sales. Look at any great sales and/or marketing genius, including the greats of affiliate marketing, and you will see that a certain exuberance is apparent in them. So must it be in you.

Affiliate Marketing at Its Best: Tedious But Profitable

Of course the best way to have more fun and not get burnt out in affiliate marketing is to make more money. To do that, you really have to keep returning to the fundamentals:

-- Choose the best affiliate programs, this is first and foremost

-- Use the right traffic-attracting methods to get your offers before eyeballs

-- Convert, convert, convert, if you're not converting well, find out why and fix it

You will find if you know enough successful affiliate marketers that they are able to do the same thing over and over again and not try to, as the cliché goes, reinvent the wheel. You may call this tedium but we call it persistence and smarts.

It's kind of like Ernest Hemingway once said about being a writer. "Being a writer, at its best, is a lonely life." You could say of affiliate marketing, "Being an affiliate is, at its best, a tedious life.

" Tedious but highly profitable, that is.

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