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Affiliate Marketing: Problems Pay

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If you are looking for a surefire way to make money from affiliate marketing, you're looking for problems. Or, at least, you should be looking for problems, because problems are a great way to make money from affiliate marketing. On the Internet, problems = profits.

Think about it for a second. Think back to the early days of the Internet, to the stereotype of a lonely man sitting at his kitchen table in his underwear, having chat sex with a gorgeous woman from Hollywood who just might be a confused man from Duluth but who cares, we're chatting--

That man had a problem: the inability to meet women. Millions of other people have other problems. Where do we look for solutions to our problems? The Internet, of course! Warts on your hand, Google it. Losing muscle tone, Google it. Menopause got you down, Google it.

Happens every day…millions upon millions of times per day. If you can position your website as a place that people with problems go, you can reap affiliate marketing millions.

Affiliate Marketing Problem #1: The Opposite Sex

Remember that lonely man described above? That man, with the problem of not being able to connect with a woman, has not disappeared. Women, meanwhile, find it extremely difficult to find a good guy. That's why dating websites, done right, are prime affiliate marketing territory.

When entering the dating space, however, you have to define and refine your "take" on the eternal problem of true love is hard to find. Otherwise, you simply will not be found. There are too many dating advice websites already. Why is yours different?

The answer, if you're seeking to make money from affiliate marketing, could and probably should be that you're attacking an age old problem from a different, noteworthy angle.

One website that does an admirable job of connecting with its visitors by taking a new approach to an age-old problem is This website helps married people find suitable cheating partners. (Hey, we didn’t say does an admirable job, we said does an admirable job of connecting with its visitors.)

Regardless of what you think of morally, as a businessperson you've got to respect the originality. Be that original or more if you want to get rich from a dating website.

Affiliate Marketing Problem #2: Money

The other major "personal issue" that's ripe for affiliate marketing is money problems. Everyone in the world, it seems, has either opposite sex or money problems. Many people are blessed with both at the same time (they seem to go together nicely).

The obvious play off money problems is credit card affiliate marketing. Credit card affiliate marketing went away for a while there, when the entire financial system nearly collapsed in the fall of 2008. The death spiral seems to have been avoided, and credit card affiliate marketing is back. If you've got a site about money, check out credit card affiliate offers.

Mortgage, personal loan, and debt consolidation lead generation campaigns are other strong affiliate marketing strategies based upon the rock solid reality that money problems are not going away anytime soon, and neither is the need for money solutions.

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