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Poker Affiliate Marketing

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If you're looking for an affiliate marketing niche that is not past its prime, look no further than poker affiliate marketing. The explosive growth of online poker is making poker affiliate marketing one of the most lucrative businesses on the Net.

Here are five reasons why poker affiliate marketing is blowing up:

1. One Hundred Million Customers--And Growing

Poker is a game that is completely worldwide, across all cultures, languages, and geographic boundaries. When you go online to play poker, it is fun to see where your tablemates hail from. One may be from India, another from Russia, or the American Midwest.

Current estimates are that about 100 million people play poker worldwide. And that number is only growing. Few products that you can market will have that kind of global reach.

2. More Than One Revenue Stream

As you know if you've ever played poker for any length of time, the poker world is an entire ecosystem unto itself. There are books, movies, and video tutorials that pretty much every poker player will encounter and purchase as they get more into poker.

As an affiliate, this gives you an opportunity to create a website with multiple revenue streams. You can be an affiliate of the online poker rooms, obviously, but you can also become an affiliate of other poker-related products, such as poker educational materials.

3. Lifetime Commissions

Lifetime commissions always have been and always will be the Holy Grail of affiliate marketing. There is nothing better than signing someone up for a product once, and then getting paid for life because that person continues to buy the product you recommended.

Many poker affiliate programs offer lifetime commissions. So as long as the people you sign up keep playing poker, you keep getting paid. It's passive income, and it's beautiful.

4. Poker Is Not Gambling

Poker is a skill-based game. Yes there is an element of chance, but it is not like a game like blackjack or roulette, which is basically a guaranteed losing proposition over time, no matter how skilled you are as a player.

There are thousands of poker pros all over the world. People do make money playing poker.

As an affiliate, this is appealing because you can have confidence that if your site provides information that can help players become profitable, you will be giving people real value. As in any business, a valuable product is the best defense against ever-changing markets.

5. Rakeback Is a Guaranteed Sale

In affiliate marketing, you must perpetually be on the hunt for guaranteed sales, products that make so much sense your audience would have to be very, very stupid not to buy. Poker rakeback programs are exactly that, and as such are the icing on the poker affiliate cake.

To explain:

When you play in an online poker room, the house takes a portion of each pot as its fee for hosting the game. This is called the "rake."
Rakeback programs allow online poker players to recover between 30-50 percent of this cost of playing poker. This is called "rakeback," and it causes online poker players to receive this 30-50 percent back into their playing account, drastically reducing the cost of playing poker.

Needless to say, this is a freaking no-brainer! And yet statistics show that a majority of online poker players are not currently using rakeback software.

As a poker affiliate, you should be happy to hear this, because it means that you can sign up not only new poker players, but people who have been playing online for years. Your audience will be grateful that you alerted them to this truly excellent, no-brainer purchase.

You, meanwhile, will be paid a portion of that rakeback, for life.

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