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Affiliate Marketing: Website Templates, Speedy Profits

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Affiliate marketing is not a get rich quick scheme, but you can start making money through affiliate marketing within an extremely short period of time. A matter of hours, sometimes.

The fastest way to make affiliate marketing cash is to utilize a ready-made website template specifically created for affiliates. You can choose a product-specific template, such as, or a general affiliate platform, such as

If you do choose to use an affiliate marketing template, however, you'll need to keep certain things in mind, so that your shortcut does not turn into a dead end.

Find the Niche within a Niche

Affiliate website templates can help you get your site up and running within a couple hours. Long-term, though, website templates are not necessarily the best tools for building robust, content-stuffed sites that have more than 100 pages.

One solid solution to the relative inelasticity of most website templates is to find the niche within the niche, and build your template site according to those narrow parameters.

For example, if you're interested in education affiliate marketing, you might choose to promote one college or even one course of study at one college, rather than developing a comprehensive comparison site that lists many colleges and many courses of study.

There is power in small when small is done right, and website templates fit small well.

Use Targeted PPC to Attract "Buy Ready" Traffic

Going narrow when using affiliate marketing website templates, promoting only one or two merchants or even one or two products, has its advantages, speed-to-profitability chief among them. But smaller, template-based sites do face search engine optimization challenges.

SEO greatness is largely based upon:

-- Amount of content on your site

-- Frequency of new content arriving to your site

-- Information value of your site over and above what you're selling

In other words, most affiliate marketing website templates are built for speed, not for SEO.

Once you've got your narrow niche template site up and running, then, consider purchasing some choice keywords at the search engines so that your site gets action from "buy ready" searchers.

Don't overspend on elaborate pay-per-click campaigns, especially at first, but don't eschew PPC entirely, either. Sometimes, running lean is not so much running mean as it is idling in place.

Just make sure, when using PPC advertising, that you know how much each sale is costing you. Take a month to count the number of visitors that come to your site via PPC ads, and then count the number of sales that come of those visitors, and see whether PPC is worth it for you.

Affiliate Marketing Is the Perfect Side Job

Affiliate marketing website templates are a fantastic option for people who engage in time-consuming activities such as full-time jobs, spouses, and children.

If you simply do not have time to learn HTML and write a bunch of blog posts, but you still want to make money with affiliate marketing, don't underestimate the potential of a simple template.

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