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Affiliate Marketing Outsourcing: Yes, But

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Many successful affiliate marketers hold down a full-time job in addition to their affiliate marketing activities. Some have a spouse, kids, maybe even an offline hobby. Where do these dynamic people find the time?

Thus the appeal of affiliate marketing outsourcing. Done right, it works. Affiliate marketers who effectively outsource can maintain control of their time while building scalable businesses that ramp up fast.

However, affiliate marketing outsourcing is a bad idea when it's used as an excuse to "set it and forget it." Instead, be vigilant when working with outsourced individuals and companies.

First, Find Something You're Not Good At

Everyone's good at something. Everyone's also not good at something. If you're thinking about outsourcing part of your affiliate marketing operation, start with that thing you're not good at.

Some possibilities are:

Tech Help

For some webmasters, the weak link will be on the technical side. Believe it or not, that's a pretty easy fix. Web freelancers are available by the thousands on sites like and You can find some talented techies willing to work for cheap.

Just make sure that you consider factors other than price when choosing a tech freelancer. With some foreign contractors, for example, communication can be a problem.

Desperate Writers

Do you know how many desperate writers there are out there? A lot. Magazines and newspapers are dropping like flies, leaving talented people wallowing in their wake.

Especially if your website content is easily defined--reviews, for instance--it's almost silly to write everything yourself. Certainly your site can grow faster by using outsourced writing talent.

You can even purchase pre-fabricated content within your niche. Search "Private Label Rights Distributors" to get familiar with this option. Just make sure that if you go the PLR route, you change and customize the content to make it your own.

You don't want to be a duplicate of any other site. Google doesn't like that and neither do Internet surfers.


Working with a knowledgeable affiliate marketing consultant can really rocket your business to the sky. Athletes don't make the Olympics without coaches.

Again, though, you really have to drive the interaction with this type of person. Don't just show up on an affiliate marketing consultant's doorstep with a general desire to "make more money." You do that, you're asking to be taken for a ride that costs $200 per hour.

Rather, make a list of exactly what you want to accomplish working with the consultant. Be specific and use quantifiable goals. Ask for a free initial consultation and never sign a long-term contract.

Affiliate Management

If you already have a profitable affiliate marketing business, you may want to consider outsourcing the day-to-day stuff to a third-party affiliate management firm. However, be aware that this option is costly, averaging about $2,500 per month for a mid-level package.

Do not ever, ever, ever pay for affiliate management as a beginner. Your profits will go to the affiliate management firm and you'll forfeit the main strength of an excellent affiliate:

That enterprising can-do spirit.

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