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Brokers Web Affiliate Program Review

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Brokers Web

5-Star Rating

Ease of Use

4-Star Rating


5-Star Rating

Customer Service

5-Star Rating

Commission Rate

4-Star Rating

Ease of Commission Payment

4-Star Rating

NOTE: Brokers Web has very strict editorial guidelines with regard to traffic potential, content and contextual relevance to health insurance. If your website does not have a strong health insurance focus, it's recommended that you do not apply for this program.

Overall:   5-Star Rating

Ease of Use:   4-Star Rating

Reputation/Security:   5-Star Rating

Customer Service:   5-Star Rating

Commission Rate:   4-Star Rating

Ease of Commission Payment:   4-Star Rating

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Important Information

Online Since: 1997
Affiliate Manager: Howard Yeh
Email Address:
Phone Number: 786-472-2966, #209
Address: 3301 NE 1st Ave #L307
Miami, FL 33137 USA
FAQ: click here
Pay Frequency: once a month
Pay Threshold: $50

Key Facts

Commission Rate : 65% of advertising revenue
This is highly competitive; the program can be very profitable for webmasters with relevant content.
Average EPC : $1.65
Brokers Web EPC rates are high due to the cost-per-click payment structure they have in place.
Average Order Size : N/A
Affiliates are paid per click; the order size of customers is not tracked.
Average Conversion Rate : 83%
Not exactly apples-to-apples if you compare this to other programs, since a "conversion" for a CPC network is a click, not a sale.
Real-Time Stats?   YES
Brokers Web has adequate reporting.
Lifetime Payments?   N/A
Affiliates will earn commission for clicks delivered from their website.

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