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PPV Affiliate Marketing

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Everyone involved in affiliate marketing is aware of pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, but knowledge of pay-per-view (PPV) advertising is not nearly as universal.

In fact, PPV advertising may be the best secret weapon currently available to affiliates. Many affiliate marketers making money with PPV advertising want to keep this secret, so that they can keep the bid prices down. We respect that, but value our readers more.

Therefore, here are the basics of what you need to know about PPV advertising and affiliate marketing and how they go together:

What Is PPV Advertising?

Pay-per-view advertising is only possible because believe it or not there are a lot of people out there who will purposefully download adware in order to get something free from an advertising network or a software publisher that's allied with an advertising network.

For example, Internet users may want to download a video clip or a video game, so they agree to also download, simultaneously, a piece of adware that will periodically serve up targeted advertisements in the Internet user's browser window.

If you hate pop-ups, this may sound like a living hell, but if you are trying to make money through affiliate marketing, this may also be your highway to affiliate marketing heaven.

There are millions of people who allow adware to run on their computers in exchange for using a piece of free content, so what you have here is a truly captive audience. You can serve ads to this person all day long, every time they visit certain websites.

Don't forget, too, that the type of person that would purposefully install adware on their computer in order to get a free game might be the kind of person who is susceptible to online sales pitches. Just a guess but we feel it's an educated one.

Cheaper Than Dirt and Really Easy

By far the most appealing thing about PPV advertising, especially when you compare this option to PPC advertising, is that PPV advertising can be extremely cheap to purchase.

With Google Adwords so utterly ubiquitous, it's pretty much impossible to buy any clicks these days for cheap, no matter how obscure your niche is. Seriously, you could be bidding on "grandma's old useless shoes" and have to pay 20 cents per click on Adwords.

With PPV you can still get exposure for "pennies on the dollar." You can get in front of that targeted user's eyeballs for cheap. That is awesome and that is, increasingly, rare.

On yeah, the other thing is that you don't have to actually create any content. You can simply install your affiliate link directly into the creatives developed by your affiliate merchant partner, and it will display as a pop-up advertisement with your affiliate link embedded.

Buy Both Keywords and Domain Names

Another interesting aspect of PPV is that you can purchase both keywords and domain names.

So just like with PPC advertising, when your adware-submissive Internet surfer searches for a particular search term, your ad can pop up if you've bought that particular search term. They're searching for "Internet dating," BAM, here comes your pop-up affiliate offer.

But also, at the same time, if your adware-submissive user merely goes to one of the domain names you've purchased, your ad can also be served. For instance, if you buy as an ad term, your advertising offer can pop up when the surfer goes to
This double-headed approach gives you two chances to win.

As long as you are intimately aware of the relationship between what you're paying per view and what each view is producing for you in terms of income, PPV offers you an excellent chance to buy an ad for far less than it's worth. Try that with Adwords, it ain't happening.

PPV Infrastructure Not as Developed as PPC

If you are interested in a more advanced discussion of how to excel at PPV advertising, check out Josh Todd's PPV 101 Free Report.
Suffice it for our purposes here to say that PPV advertising involves joining a PPV ad network or two or three, as well as downloading various add-on tools so that you can install, track, and optimize your PPV campaigns.

In short, PPV is not as simple as PPC, which is easily doable by anyone who knows how to use the Internet, thanks to the robust infrastructure that has sprung up due to the fact that Adwords has made its owners so many hundreds of billions of dollars over these years.

Certainly PPV is a less explored, more rugged territory.

But there's gold in them thar' hills.

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